By IGG-CNR, Pisa, Italy

The site is addressed to all are interested in hydrogeochemistry and can have in boron isotopes a tool to investigate the origin of salinity, and the sources of pollution in surface and groundwaters.

Bibliography is a benchmark of extreme importance to fully understand the application of δ11B.

The data base consists of 6 items:

1) bibliography, which contains references to papers dealing with boron isotopes

and five categories:

1) rainwater

2) lakes

3) rivers

4) groundwaters

5) contaminants

that report analytical data on B content and δ11B, together with the study site and environmental context, the name of first author, the year of publication and the number corresponding to the full reference.

This site aims to be as interactive as possible and will be developed taking into account the information and suggestions that come.

Enjoy boron and its isotopes…

Daniela Andreani, Alessandra Adorni-Braccesi, Maddalena Pennisi* (data collection)
Lorenzo Gori (webmaster)


Cite as: ISOBORDAT: an on line database on boron isotopes. Pennisi M., Adorni-Braccesi A., Andreani D., Gori L., Sciuto P.F., Gonfiantini R.